Chainlink is integrated into the RIF ecosystem

In the midst of the impressive boom in decentralized finance (DeFi) in recent days. Some projects have managed to increase their market share more than others. With Chainlink being the best performing crypto-currency in the last three months, it has taken the place of the most important DeFi project in the world. So it is important to know that it continues to expand, now that Chainlink is integrated into the RIF ecosystem.

Chainlink and the DeFi

Chainlink is not a new project within the crypto market. On the contrary, since 2017 Chainlink has existed as one of the most promising DeFi projects. Creating a system by which, smart contracts created in any Blockchain, can communicate with platforms external to crypto currencies such as a bank account. This allows the execution of the smart contracts, even with products that have no relation to the Blockchain technology.

However, until this year, Chainlink had been nothing more than that, a promise that had not yet come to fruition. Until, thanks to the boom that the DeFi are experiencing within the crypto market, this project has become one of the most important cryptosystems in the world. Multiplying its market capitalization, and positioning itself in all the holders of the crypto community.

Thanks to this, Chainlink’s collaborations with other projects are multiplying every day. In an attempt by the platform to ensure its relevance after the inevitable DeFi fever subsides and millions of dollars stop flowing daily into the market. Which is why it would now be integrated into the RIF ecosystem.

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The entrance to RIF
Thus, today RIF has announced the integration of Chainlink within its RIF Gateways service. This service allows developers working with RSK Blockchain for the creation of smart contracts, to establish connections between these smart contracts and resources outside the crypto world.

This is why leveraging Chainlink’s capabilities in this area is a major breakthrough for RIF. From now on, Chainlink oracles will be used to create connections between the Blockchain and external platforms.

Meanwhile, Chainlink will become part of the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem. Because, until now, Chainlink had developed its capabilities exclusively in the Cryptosoft blockchain. But since RSK works on a Bitcoin-based platform, by integrating with RIF, Chainlink would automatically participate in the DeFi community at BTC.

With this move, we can see how Chainlink continues its consolidation process as the leading DeFi project within the crypto world. Integrating with one of the most important chains for the creation of smart contracts in the market. And therefore, significantly expanding the user base that can take advantage of its capabilities.