Most Bitcoin Nodes Now Use Tor for Privacy and Anonymity

• Data from the Bitnodes API shows that most Bitcoin (BTC) nodes are using the anonymous overlay network Tor.
• This shows the importance of privacy and anonymity among the more technical users of the Bitcoin network.
• The portion of nodes operating through Tor has steadily increased from 25% of all nodes one year ago.

The use of Bitcoin (BTC) nodes is becoming increasingly popular as the decentralized digital currency continues to grow and evolve. A recent deep dive into the BTC infrastructure has revealed that most of the nodes are routed through the anonymous overlay network Tor. This new data gives us an insight into the importance of privacy and anonymity among the more technical users of the Bitcoin network, as well as the decentralized nature of the blockchain’s infrastructure.

Tor is an open-source software that allows users to hide their IP address and location from prying eyes. It is a very useful tool for anyone wanting to keep their online activity anonymous. And for the Bitcoin network, it provides an extra layer of privacy and security for its nodes. The data from the Bitnodes application programming interface (API) shows that a significant portion of Bitcoin nodes – 8,162 out of 14,838, nearly 82% – are routing their traffic through Tor. This is a positive data point, particularly because these nodes are likely to ignore local regulation and stay outside of any enforcement action against Bitcoin node operators.

The portion of nodes operating through Tor has steadily increased from 25% of all the nodes about one year ago, after a bug led to them crashing. It is likely that this increase is due to the growing importance of privacy and anonymity among the more technical users of the Bitcoin network. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the blockchain’s infrastructure means that the risk of any regulation or enforcement action having a significant impact on the network is greatly reduced.

Overall, the data from the Bitnodes API reveals that privacy and anonymity are becoming increasingly important to Bitcoin users. Moreover, the decentralized nature of the blockchain’s infrastructure means that the network can remain secure and reliable even in the face of potential regulatory action. As the Bitcoin network continues to grow, it is likely that more nodes will start using Tor to protect their online activity and remain anonymous.

Crypto Genius Review – Is it SCAM?

Crypto Genius Summary

Withdrawal Timeline Instant
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA
Mobile App No
Claimed Success Rate Not stated
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees None

Crypto Genius Review

Making money with automated cryptocurrency platforms has proven to be among the most rewarding experiences for an investor in crypto. It’s easy to earn money from the crypto trading platforms if you select the best one. We’ve done our Crypto Genius study to determine whether it is among the crypto trading platforms that are automated that is able to make a profit on the market daily.

It’s not known the date Crypto Genius was released for general use, however Crypto Genius is constantly trending on the internet and in forums that are used by a large number of crypto-investors. This is why it’s worthwhile to study Crypto Genius thoroughly.

The following is an in-depth review by the official of Crypto Genius, it covers the functions of the cryptocurrency trading platform and the benefits of using this system, and actions that have been taken to boost the profits earned from crypto investors who utilize the platform. From a broad perspective, Crypto Genius can be described as an automated universal crypto trading platform that could be used to purchase and sell various cryptocurrencies with no anxiety.

Who does it serve?

Crypto Genius is open to anyone. According to the website that is the official Crypto Genius site, it’s evident that the platform for trading in crypto has users from a variety of professions and retirees and those who aren’t currently employed by businesses. Crypto Genius is accessible to everyone Based on personal experiences, it is confirmed that no special skills are required to trade or make money through Crypto Genius.

Crypto Genius is a feature of

There are several important trading features that enhance the experience of users trading on Crypto Genius. In the course of reviewing we found that the trading options offered by the platform are straightforward and easy to use. This is a great feature because nobody has to invest all day learning to utilize the automated trading platform. These are the key Crypto Genius trading features;

Account management platform

It is a distinct platform that is able to carry out different tasks within the Crypto Genius trading system. The account management system will be utilized by every trader using this Crypto Genius system. Here are a few important tasks that can be accomplished using this function:

Registration of a new account

Every Crypto Genius investors will need to sign up for a trading account to make use of this live robot in order to make money on the cryptocurrency market. Registration for a new account is quick and simple. Once the registration process is completed users can then trade in crypto using Crypto Genius.

Report on trade analysis

Crypto Genius investors who would want to view weekly, monthly, or daily weekly analysis of trades are able to access the data they require using the account management system. The history can be customized according to the requirements of the investor and is sent to the user’s email address in a timely manner. This is possible when the request is made by the owner of the account.

Management of settings

There are a variety of options to customize your crypto trading experience by using Crypto Genius. The settings can be managed through the feature for managing accounts. The choices are numerous therefore it is best to research the details before making a final decision. Crypto traders should seek assistance if they don’t comprehend any of the information offered.

Financial report on trading

Crypto traders who utilize Crypto Genius can request details of their finances in order to understand the trends in profitability on their accounts. The reports are available by email on the request.

Live-trading feature

This is a unique feature created for the Crypto Genius platform to buy and sell crypto. It operates with the trading robot which uses an algorithmic trading technique to find profitable transactions in the market for crypto. Before making use of the live trading feature it is necessary that the trader making deposits. This is the cash that will be utilized in this Crypto Genius trading robot to purchase cryptocurrencies at a low cost, which will later be sold to earn a profit.

Withdrawal and deposit feature

It is an integrated feature which has two functions. It is able for depositing or withdrawal using your Crypto Genius trading platform. Deposit transactions are made through any of the trusted online payment services that have been added to the Crypto Genius list. Withdrawals are done by paying the owner of the account’s profits to a local account that is connected with Crypto Genius.

Benefits of trading using Crypto Genius

These are the major advantages users will enjoy when trading through Crypto Genius;

A guarantee of earnings per day

It is simple to make money from the crypto market when you trade using an platform like Bitcoin Gemini because it has been adapted for this reason. Users who have been trading on Crypto Genius for several months affirm that they earn income from the market each day. The prospect of earning every day is an enormous benefit that will aid all crypto traders to earn enough cash to live the best lives.

Security online

The trading platform Crypto Genius offers online security at all levels. This was proven during the examination. It was revealed that a number of the top online security tools were added to the cryptocurrency trading platform. To date there’s been no evidence of hackers or theft of data from users on the website, so it could mean that the security tools online are functioning perfectly.

A low amount of deposit required in trading

The crypto investors trading on Brexit Millionaire have been getting rich from the cryptocurrency market without having to go through the anxiety that comes with investing too much capital. The minimum amount of money that is able to be used to trade is just $250. This is a low-cost trading deposit that a lot of potential investors could get without having to borrow from costly sources.

Crypto trading in the absence of speculation

The process of predicting the price of cryptocurrency is a challenging job for both novice and veteran investors. This is the reason why many experts have decided to trading using automated software. Crypto Genius offers crypto investors the possibility to make money and trade without having to worry about speculating and worrying about price fluctuations in the crypto market. The trading robot is able to handle everything related to crypto trading as well as the speculative price analysis.

Trade requirements to begin

The only condition that has been outlined by the developers responsible for in charge of this Crypto Genius trading platform is the requirement to possess a legal age. Only adults can establish Crypto Genius accounts. Every user, regardless of locations around the globe have to prove that they are adults in the country they reside in.

Reinvestment opportunities through Crypto Genius

The cryptocurrency traders trading on the platform have been raving about the possibility to invest their capital following trading on Crypto Genius. This option will increase the amount of profit traders earn at the conclusion each live session. Although the capital and profit are able to return to the investor, first-time traders are advised to take out their earnings and then only invest the capital.

Crypto Genius Review – Conclusion

Tests with Crypto Genius during this review was simple because the cryptocurrency trading platform functions extremely effectively. It’s profitable and everyone can count on the cryptocurrency trading platform to generate income through the marketplace. Crypto Genius can be highly recommended.

Eurosport Player wird auf der XBox One angezeigt – wie geht das?

Um den Eurosport Player auf der Xbox One anschauen zu können, müssen Sie einen Umweg in Kauf nehmen. In diesem Praxistipp haben wir alle Infos für Sie zusammengefasst.

Eurosport Player auf die Xbox One streamen

Eine offizielle App für den Eurosport Player für die Xbox One gibt es derzeit nicht. Eine frühere App wurde aus dem App Store entfernt, da es zu erheblichen Problemen kam. Sie können den Eurosport Player aber weiterhin auf der Konsole anschauen, wenn auch über einen Umweg. Dazu benötigen Sie allerdings eine Amazon Prime Video Mitgliedschaft, um auf den Eurosport Player zugreifen zu können. Diese kostet 69 Euro im Jahr oder 7,99 Euro im Monat. Für den Eurosport Player sind es 4,99 Euro im Monat. Allerdings können Sie beides kostenlos testen. Das Angebot von Amazon ist besonders attraktiv, da sie den Eurosport Player für einen Monat kündigen können. Sie sind zwar kein Amazon Prime Kunde, aber der Eurosport Player von Eurosport ist auch der günstigste. Ob und wann es eine passende App für die Xbox One ohne zusätzliche Kosten gibt, ist derzeit nicht bekannt.

Das Angebot des Eurosport Players im Überblick

Mit nur einem Abonnement des Eurosport Players taucht man in eine Vielzahl von Sportarten ein:
Es stehen Übertragungen aus dem ausländischen Fußball (Amerika, Spanien), Tennis, Snooker, Motorradrennen (MotoGP), Radsport und Superbike, Biathlon, Rugby, Squash, Ski Alpin, Skispringen und Skilanglauf, Motorsport und Autorennen, sowie die FIA WTCC für Sie live zur Verfügung. . Seit der neuen Saison überträgt der Eurosport Player exklusiv die Freitags- und Montagsspiele der ersten und zweiten Bundesliga sowie die Spiele am Sonntag, ab 13:30 Uhr. Mit Ihrem Abonnement können Sie den Eurosport Player auch unterwegs sehen und immer dabei bleiben. Laden Sie dazu einfach die iOS- oder Android-App herunter und loggen Sie sich mit Ihren Daten ein.


South Stone und South Stone Dust werden benötigt, um die meisten deiner Waffen in Far Cry Primal zu verbessern. Einige South Stone zu finden ist einfach, aber genug für alle Upgrades zu finden ist schwierig. In diesem Guide erfährst du, wo du South Stone und South Stone Dust in Far Cry Primal finden kannst!

Wo findet man Südstein und Südsteinstaub in Far Cry Primal?

Dieser See auf der Karte ist der ideale Ort für Südstein und Südsteinstaub.

Wenn du um das Ufer des Sees herumgehst, wirst du eine Menge Südsteinstaub und einige Südsteine im See finden. Nutze deine Jägersicht, um die Felsen im See zu finden. Die Fähigkeit Ressourcen zeigen im Fertigkeitsbaum Sammeln hilft euch ebenfalls, die Steine zu finden. Wenn ihr mehr Südstein braucht, sucht in den Hügeln um den See herum nach weiteren Steinen. Wenn du im See schwimmst, sei vorsichtig, denn es schwimmen auch Alligatoren und Beißfische herum. Auch hier hilft dir der Jagdblick, diese Raubtiere zu erkennen, bevor du ins Wasser springst.

Bevor ihr euch nun auf den Weg zum See macht, seid gewarnt: In der Gegend gibt es einige stärkere Biester. Ich hatte meinen Säbelzahn, bevor ich dort hinunterging. Die Basis einzunehmen ist auch auf niedriger Stufe nicht einfach. Sie schlagen Alarm, und wenn man erwischt wird, kommen etwa 10 zusätzliche Männer hinzu. Mach es schlau, schieße heimlich mit dem Bogen und benutze nur leise Haustiere wie den Jaguar. Ihr MÜSST diesen Stützpunkt nicht einnehmen, wenn er euch zu viel ist, er hilft nur, weil ihr schnell dorthin reisen könnt.

Wo findet man seltene Südsteine in Far Cry Primal

Rare South Stones und Rare South Stone Dust ist eigentlich kein eigener Stein oder so. Wenn du die Felsen plünderst, hast du manchmal Glück und bekommst einen seltenen Stein. Das gilt für alle Handwerksmaterialien, die keine Felle sind. Tierhäute sind natürlich spezifisch für das jeweilige Tier. Wenn du genug Felsen suchst, wirst du in kürzester Zeit Rare South Rock und Rare South Rock Dust erhalten.

Fantom børster netværksafbrydelse med yderligere 50% prisstigning

Med over 3.000% vækst siden årsskiftet kunne selv en nylig netværksafbrydelse ikke stoppe Fantoms bullish stigning.

Den decentraliserede smarte kontraktplatform Fantom (FTM) fortsatte sin genoplivende rally med en stemme på 50% mandag på trods af et midlertidigt netafbrydelse, der så blockchain stoppe med at producere blokke i syv timer

Fantom optrådte blandt de top 100 på markedsværdi i januar – til sidst en 5.000% -kørsel, der toppede i slutningen af ​​februar. Siden da aftappede møntens tyrløb, men dens værdi over for den amerikanske dollar ligger stadig 3.434% højere end den gjorde den 1. januar.

Men Fantom blev udsat for en kort blackout den 25. februar, da blokproduktionen blev stoppet, efter at to validatorer bremsede emissionshastigheden. Fantom er en proof-of-stake blockchain, hvor 39 validator-noder overvåger blokoprettelse på vegne af stakers. De to pågældende validatorer repræsenterede en tredjedel af FTM’s indsats på platformen.

Udviklingsteamet koordinerede og anvendte en midlertidig patch, der fik netværket til at køre igen syv timer senere. En nylig meddelelse fra Fantom sagde :

”Torsdag den 25. februar 2021 kl. 15.44 UTC stoppede Fantom Opera mainnet nye blokbekræftelser, hvilket resulterede i et midlertidigt afbrydelse. Kerneudviklerholdet og Fantom-valideringssamfundet reagerede straks og genoptog netværket med succes inden for 7 timer.

Løsningen krævede konsensus mellem 39 validatorer i flere tidszoner, og udviklingsteamet bemærkede, at ingen indsatte midler var i fare under afbrydelsen

Som reaktion på hændelsen besluttede udviklingsteamet at tackle magtens ubalance blandt validatorer og vil forsøge at fordele indflydelse mere jævnt mellem noder. For at nå dette mål reduceres mængden af ​​FTM, der kræves for at oprette en validatorknude, fra dens nuværende uoverkommelige tal på 3.175.000 FTM.

I januar svarede dette til en dollarværdi på lidt over $ 30.000. Efter Fantoms nylige stigning står tallet over 1,8 millioner dollars.

Fantoms nylige stigning er tilskrevet udviklingen inden for interoperabilitet og decentraliseret finansiering . Projektet blev for nylig integreret i Multichain – en decentral token swap-protokol, der bygger bro over forskellige blockchains som Ethereum og Binance Smart Chain og muliggør token swaps uden nogen formidler.

Mandag morgen fortsatte Fantoms opstigning, da møntprisen steg fra $ 0,3827 til $ 0,58, svarende til en vækst på 54% inden offentliggørelsestidspunktet.

Ecco perché sono i fondamentali che possono spingere Bitcoin a 50.000 dollari

BTC non si occupa solo di questioni tecniche

Non è stato molto tempo fa, ma in termini di differenze di prezzo, tanto vale confrontare millenni diversi. Nel dicembre del 2019, il bitcoin era scambiato nel quartiere di circa 7.000 dollari. A parte il tuffo per gentile concessione di quel piccolo inconveniente che chiamo il romanzo coronavirus, è stato proprio quello. Se volevate salire a bordo del treno merci Bitcoin System, non stava diventando più economico.

Infatti, una volta superata la barriera delle cinque cifre dopo la pandemia, è stato il segnale per entrare a un prezzo “ragionevole”. Naturalmente, ragionevole è un termine relativo. Circa 13 mesi fa, c’è voluto un vero contrarian per acquistare BTC sapendo che, all’indomani della bolla di cripto-currency, circa nel 2017, il gettone di ricompensa originale a catena di blocco era una volta scambiato per poco più di 3.000 dollari.

Da allora, bitcoin è stato il brindisi della città, assicurandosi un notevole dieci-bagger. Poco dopo aver superato la barriera della resistenza psicologica di 20.000 dollari, ha continuato ad aggiungersi al suo rally da record. In breve tempo, si è lanciato verso i 30.000 dollari – e no, non ha chiesto un invito.

Tecnicamente, le altezze pazzesche che stiamo vedendo ora sono state previste diversi mesi fa. Il 19 dicembre 2019, ho scritto che, mentre la volatilità del prezzo del bitcoin non era incoraggiante a breve termine, a lungo termine, sembrava che si trattasse di una formazione rialzista.

In sintesi, si tratta di una fase di consolidamento orizzontale in cui tori e orsi negoziano fino ad un punto di “esaurimento”. In genere, alla fine di questa fase, si tratta di un robusto movimento di breakout verso l’alto.

A quanto pare, quello che avrei dovuto dire è che Bitcoin stava tracciando una formazione di bandiere rialziste. È un concetto simile: i tori e gli orsi negoziano fino a quando gli imbuti a diffusione alto-bassa non raggiungono un punto di apice. Da lì, il prezzo degli asset esplode più alto.

Ma ora che il bitcoin ha già fatto una mossa così forte, cosa possiamo aspettarci dopo? È qui che entrano in gioco i fondamentali.

I prezzi bassi (o negativi) sono un bene anche per il Bitcoin!

Una delle dinamiche perplessanti della crisi di Covid-19 è stata l’apparente disconnessione tra Wall Street e Main Street. Tra le terribili statistiche sulla perdita di posti di lavoro e la crisi degli sfratti – un problema che Washington continua a risolvere – il mercato azionario non ha fatto altro che boom. Se si guarda la situazione dall’esterno, non avrebbe senso.

Ma lo fa – anche se in modo malato e contorto – quando si tiene conto di dati economici sfumati. Attualmente, il tasso di interesse di riferimento è ai minimi storici, il che significa che gli investitori non guadagnano quasi nulla, se non in contanti. Ma il tasso d’interesse reale (o il tasso d’interesse che sostiene l’inflazione) è in realtà negativo.

Sapete cosa significa? In pratica, si paga la banca per tenere i propri soldi. Mi piace pensare che sia una “penalità garantita” se non si fa qualcosa con il proprio denaro. Al contrario, se finisci per fare qualcosa con i tuoi soldi, sei ricompensato (cioè la banca ti paga per chiedere un prestito).

È strano. Ma ha implicazioni tremende per il bitcoin.

Il prezzo del bitcoin rispetto al tasso di interesse reale

Quello che abbiamo scoperto con l’effetto Robinhood è che, collettivamente, le persone sono più razionali di quanto non si creda. Come ha riferito la CNBC, molti americani hanno usato parte del loro controllo di stimolo del coronavirus per scambiare le azioni. E naturalmente lo facevano – con i tassi che andavano male, c’era meno incentivo a rimanere in contanti.

Inoltre, quest’era del denaro a basso costo si inserisce perfettamente nella mentalità millenaria. Come dicono costantemente i materiali di marketing intelligenti, i millenni cercano la convenienza, non la stabilità. Ebbene, cos’è Wall Street se non la rigidità del suo programma dal lunedì al venerdì? Non fatemi nemmeno iniziare a parlare di quanto sia scomodo per la gente della costa occidentale scambiare azioni.

Con bitcoin e altre valute crittografiche che vengono scambiate 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7 – sì, anche su Martin Luther King, Jr. Giorno! – non si potrebbe avere una piattaforma più conveniente per evitare la penalizzazione dei tassi di interesse negativi.

Wie die beliebtesten Bitcoin Preisvorhersagemodelle im Jahr 2020 abgeschnitten haben

In einem Jahr mit extremer Volatilität hatten Bitcoin-Kursmodelle noch nie so viel zu beweisen – wie haben sie sich geschlagen?

Vom Tiefststand bei $3.600 bis zum Allzeithoch von knapp über $24.000 – 2020 war das Jahr, in dem Bitcoin (BTC) Analysten wie nie zuvor überraschte. Da es immer schwieriger wird, den nächsten Schritt vorherzusagen, war die Nachfrage nach einem genauen Bitcoin-Preis-Modell ebenfalls noch nie so groß.

Cointelegraph wirft einen Blick darauf, wie die Besten in diesem Jahr abgeschnitten haben und was es wert ist, im Jahr 2021 verfolgt zu werden – möglicherweise mit $20.000 als Startpunkt.


Egal wie man es betrachtet, 2020 war das Jahr, in dem das Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin Preismodell erwachsen wurde. Bereits eines der bekanntesten in der Branche, verfolgten die verschiedenen Inkarnationen von Stock-to-Flow den Kurs von BTC/USD bis zu seinen dramatischen Jahrestiefs und schossen wieder nach oben.

Das Beste von allem ist, dass Bitcoins gesamtes Verhaltensprogramm immer noch den Anforderungen der Modelle entsprach – seit dem 19. Dezember folgt es Stock-to-Flow auf den Buchstaben (oder die Ziffer).

Das Stock-to-Flow-Verhältnis basiert auf der Menge eines bereits existierenden Assets (dem Stock) im Vergleich zu der Menge, die durch Schöpfung hinzugefügt wird (dem Flow). Im Fall von BitQT ist dieses Verhältnis untrennbar mit der Halbierung der Blocksubventionen verbunden – diese reduzieren den Flow etwa alle vier Jahre um 50%.

Mit jeder Halbierung wird Bitcoins Ratio höher, und es gibt derzeit nichts, was ihn daran hindert, die höchste Ratio aller bekannten Assets zu erreichen und zu bewahren. In Bezug auf den Preis wurden mehrere Varianten der stock-to-flow-basierten Vorhersage von PlanB erstellt, dem anonymen Analysten, der unter Bitcoinern ein bekannter Name geworden ist.

Jedes Modell sieht unterschiedliche Preisziele vor, die während des aktuellen Halbierungszyklus bis 2024 erreicht werden sollen. Das konservativste ist $100,000 bis Ende 2021.

Trotz der großen Kritik an Stock-to-Flow in diesem Jahr, hat PlanB sein Modell verteidigt, und sein Glaube wurde zu Recht belohnt, als Bitcoin stieg, um genau den Modellpreis letzte Woche zu treffen.


Es war ein Testjahr für ein weiteres beliebtes Tool zur Bitcoin-Kursvorhersage. Die Elliott-Wellen-Theorie – mehr eine Preiskarte als eine strikte Reihe von Zielen – hatte schwierige zwölf Monate.

Nicht spezifisch für Bitcoin, liefert Elliott Wave einen mehrstufigen Marktzyklus, der darauf abzielt, Hochs und Tiefs eines Assets zu verfolgen. Aufgrund seiner unspezifischen Natur sind diese Vorhersagen jedoch oft riesig, aber Bitcoin hat aufgrund seiner inhärent volatilen Natur schon früh in seiner Existenz geliefert.

Im Jahr 2020 gab es ebenfalls Momente der Klarheit mit Hilfe von Elliott Wave, aber die Vorhersage vom April eines erneuten Retracements auf $3.000 – passend zum Tiefpunkt des Bärenmarktes 2018 – ist nicht eingetreten.


Zu guter Letzt ist die Position von Bitcoin auf dem sogenannten Rainbow Chart bei $23.000 ein sehenswerter Anblick.

Der Rainbow-Chart ist ein leichtfüßiges Log-Diagramm von BTC/USD, das die Preisniveaus in eine Reihe von Kauf- und Verkaufstipps aufteilt – ungefähr einen für jede Farbe des Regenbogens.

Diese reichen von rot (“maximales Blasen-Territorium”) bis dunkelblau (“im Grunde ein Ausverkauf”) und sagen Investoren und Hodlern, was sie als nächstes von Bitcoin erwarten können, basierend auf seiner Aufwärts- oder Abwärtsrichtung.

Im Moment, sogar in der Nähe von Allzeithochs, ist BTC/USD immer noch auf dem Weg nach oben und befindet sich nur im hellgrünen Bereich, den das Modell als “noch billig” beschreibt.

Ähnlich wie bei den Aktien prognostiziert Rainbow daher mehr Aufwärtspotenzial für Bitcoin, da der Widerstand bei $20.000 nun endgültig der Vergangenheit anzugehören scheint.

Bitcoin attacks gold and will ‘hurt it’: JPMorgan’s shocking awareness

Bitcoin more shimmering than gold? – For anyone who has been in the cryptosphere for even 2 or 3 years, seeing the recent – drastic – change in banks’ perspective on cryptos is impressive. Last compliment from bankers: the mega-bank JPMorgan sees Crypto Code so high that it could dethrone gold!

Diversification from gold to cryptos?

The boxing match between Bitcoin and gold as a better store of value , if violent announcement according to experts of the multinational bank JP Morgan Chase & Co .

As the Bloomberg newspaper reports , they believe that the rise of cryptocurrencies in traditional finance is at the expense of the precious metal.

“The adoption of Bitcoin by institutional investors is only just beginning, while for gold, its adoption by institutional investors is already very advanced. ”

These outgoing capital flows from gold to Bitcoin and cryptos would be particularly visible since last October . Indeed, as shown in the graph below, this period the ETF based on gold experienced a negative trend (red rectangle), while during BTC strongly progressed upward (green oblique).

Bitcoin is an asset still under-adopted by the biggest investors

If the JP Morgan experts are convinced of the future success of Bitcoin, it is mainly because the king of cryptos represents only 0.18% of family office assets , where gold ETFs represent more than 3, 3% . The latter would therefore seek to balance their respective exposure to these two safe havens a little more.

“If this medium and long term thesis proves correct, the price of gold will suffer from an unfavorable capital flow in the coming years. ”

In the shorter term , however, analysts at JP Morgan consider that the price of gold could stabilize , while that of BTC seems to be in the overbought zone , which would give way to a slight correction in prices.

Varför en fondförvaltare säger att Bitcoin är på väg mot en större björnkorrigering

Bitcoin har haft en bra körning under de senaste två månaderna, till och med ökat till nästan 20 000 dollar tidigare förra veckan. Raoul Pal, VD för Real Vision Group, har pekat på flera tekniska detaljer som nu tyder på att kryptering nummer 1 håller på att drabbas av en djupare korrigering på kort sikt.

Bitcoin ser ut för en brantare nedgång

Efter att nyligen ha stigit till nya all-time-toppar har Bitcoin Code fart minskat de senaste dagarna. I synnerhet stod bitcoinpriset för hårt avslag i $ 19,5 000-regionen än en gång. Kryptovalutan handlas till 19 170 dollar vid presstid och får 0,27% under det föregående dygnet.

Enligt Raoul Pal står bitcoin för närvarande inför “några allvarliga tekniska framsteg” som kan ha styrkan att trycka ned kryptovalutan. Pal använder DeMark sekventiella indikator för att förutsäga priset på bitcoin. En avläsning av 9 på denna indikator antyder att en korrigering pågår, medan en 13-avläsning indikerar trendutmattning.

Fondförvaltaren analyserade också bitcoins veckodiagram, som han tror är toppad. Dessutom har kryptos månatliga diagram registrerat en DeMark-avläsning på 9. Pal konstaterar att sammanflödet av dessa tekniska mönster över tre olika tidsramar antyder att bitcoin är redo att spåra betydligt de närmaste dagarna. Han sa:

”Allt detta ger oddsen för en större korrigering i spel, inte en säkerhet, men toppmönster över tre tidsserier är något att ta på allvar och om du inte är en långvarig HODLer kan du överväga att en viss försiktighet är förtjänad. Låt oss se…”

Bitcoin måste ta ut $ 19.400 för en ny all-time high

I tekniska termer beror det baisseartade scenariot för flaggskeppskryptovaluta de kommande dagarna på $ 18 500-nivån. Om BTC sjunker under denna viktiga supportnivå förväntar sig analytiker att bitcoin kommer att sjunka ytterligare.

Heltidshandlare från Amsterdam Stock Exchange och den populära kryptoanalytikern Michael van de Poppe, populärt känd som Crypto Michael, har observerat att bitcoin riskerar att störta till $ 16Ks om det förlorar $ 18,500. Å andra sidan kan kryptovalutan registrera en ny rekordhöjd om den lyckas utplåna det envisa motståndet på 19,4 000 dollar.

Crypto Michael utarbetade:

”Och som $ 19 400 och $ 19 150 avvisades testades intervallet lågt i $ 18 500-området, twittrade igår. Alla fina, avståndsbundna konstruktioner ytterligare. Att bryta $ 19 400 = ny ATH. Att förlora $ 18 500 = sannolikt $ 16 000 tester. ”

Under tiden har företagsintelligensföretaget MicroStrategy investerat ytterligare 50 miljoner dollar i flaggskeppskryptovalutan. Enligt ett tillkännagivande av MicroStrategys VD Michael Saylor på fredag ​​köpte företaget 2574 bitcoins (värderat till 50 miljoner dollar vid den tidpunkten) vilket tog sitt totala innehav till 40 824 bitcoins.

Företaget som fördubblar sin bitcoininvestering indikerar att det är övertygat om att kryptotillgången har mycket gas i tanken.

Morgan Stanley predicts a 10% fall in the dollar in the short term that could trigger the explosion of Bitcoin

The dollar could be the great catalyst for Bitcoin’s expected parabolic explosion.

Bitcoin’s performance in 2020 has been one of the big news for the investment markets, especially the cryptoactive market, which is living up to the imminent expectation that the biggest cryptomone will overcome its final resistance by $20,000 and set a new historical record.

Predictions that Bitcoin Lifestyle review may be worth $100,000, $350,000 and even $1 million after that reinforce this expectation, but when could it really happen?

A forecast by analysts at investment bank Morgan Stanley this week may give us clues that BTC’s all-time high – proven a few times in recent weeks – may soon trigger a price spike for the world’s largest cryptomone currency.

According to Morgan Stanley, the world’s main reserve currency, the dollar, is expected to lose more value in 2021, with a drop of up to 10% in the next 12 months.

BlackRock CEO: “Bitcoin has caught our attention”

Mark Wilson, the institution’s investment director and head of stock market strategy, said:

“A weaker dollar is good for the world. A stronger dollar is an additional constraint on global growth. … Ultimately, it is a positive story for reflection.

According to Exame, the crypto market is closely following the devaluation of national currencies, especially the dollar. For MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, one of the companies that bought the largest amount of BTC in the world in 2020, investing in crypt currency today is an economic hedge:

“We are trying to preserve our heritage. The purchasing power of money is rapidly degrading.

Crypto Broker AG’s Patrick Heusser also believes that the devaluation of the dollar could trigger a price explosion at BTC, especially when the currency exceeds $20,000:

“If one side cracks, I think we’ll see ‘fireworks’, especially on the positive side.

  • Ripple has sold $15 million of his MoneyGram shares
  • Ripple’s association with MoneyGram may not be as cordial as it once was, but it’s paying off.
  • Ripple Labs has sold much of its 2019 investment in MoneyGram.
  • Ripple’s CTO says the community could force the company to burn off 48 billion XRP

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday night, November 27 to December 4, Ripple Labs successfully sold 2,264,113 shares of MoneyGram (MGI). The technology company obtained a total of USD 15,30,792.60 from the sales.

The value of MoneyGram shares has skyrocketed in recent months from $2.94 on October 1 to $8.53 on November 23. Largely due to the news of the massive sale of Ripple, MoneyGram shares fell to $6.54 by the time this article was published.

95% of Ripple’s customers are from outside the US, says CEO Garlinghouse

Despite a series of major announcements of expansion and integration between the remittance company and Ripple throughout 2019, the relationship between the two companies seemed to be over earlier this year.

Ripple initially announced a major investment in MoneyGram in June of last year, which led to the latter using the former’s xRapid technology to speed up its payments. XRapid uses XRP to facilitate liquidity.

Brad Garlinghouse believes that Ripple can thrive even if XRP is declared a Ripple, which still has 48 billion XRP, has spent the last few years downplaying its token ratio, although recent price hikes may be changing that.